Gov’t Warns Markets on Complacency to Implement COVID-19 Guidelines

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba has issued a strong warning to Ugandans especially market vendors on complacency in observing the Ministry of Health guidelines put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking to reporters in Kampala on Sunday, Nabakooba said that despite the COVID-19 deaths that have occurred, Ugandans are still failing to go by preventive COVID-19 measures.

“It is unfortunate that despite the deaths and rising community infections, many people are still failing to go by the preventive measures provided by the Ministry of Health. Government is specifically concerned about the situation in Kampala. All key markets and shops in down town Kampala are no longer following the recommended measures,” Nabakooba said.

“I want to use today’s occasion to remind all Ugandans to stop and reflect upon their attitude towards COVID-19,” she added.

“I want to call upon all market leaders all over the country to enforce the wearing of masks, washing of hands with soap for everyone including social distancing. I also want to remind all arcade operators to always go by the operating guidelines that they agreed upon. Ensure that all customers register when buying products, ensure social distancing and temperature guns at every entrance,” she added.

Very soon, Nabakooba said, Government will begin enforcing wearing of masks since the distribution is already in progress and there will be no excuse of not having one. Every Ugandan above the age of 6 years is supposed to put on a mask while in public.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health began distribution of masks in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso. Nabakooba called called on Ugandans to be vigilant and ensure they get free masks being distributed.

So far, over 8 million have been distributed by Government across the country with majority of the beneficiaries being districts at the borders where the exercise began.


Furthermore, Nabakooba reminded private car users about the existing guidelines that were issued by President Museveni. Private cars are authorised to carry a maximum of 4 people including the driver and all of them must be wearing masks.

“It has come to our attention that private car users are no longer complying to this directive. As the political campaign period starts to pick up, I want to send a strong reminder to all politicians across all political parties. We must all actively get involved in preventing COVID-19. Let us therefore endeavour to stick by the guidance from the Electoral Commission and avoid crowds,” she added.

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