Gov’t Warns Against Forging Movement Permits/ Stickers

On 30th March 2020, President Museveni in an effort to contain the spread of COVID 19 pandemic banned the movement of private cars except for a few essential service providers such as Bankers, Doctors, the media among others.

The Ministry of Works and Transport was tasked to issue stickers or movement permits to the essential service providers to allow them continue operating.

Yesterday the Minister of Works and Transport Gen Katumba Wamala warned tougher penalties against anyone who may attempt to forge a sticker.

“We overnight worked hard and developed a set of stickers which we have been issuing to all these utility companies and all these service providers. These stickers have some specific features. That is not a design, it’s a security feature.”

Katumba noted that Police officers implementing the directives will be able to detect whether a sticker is forged or the real one.

He added that a sticker could be forged but a security feature on it cannot be duplicated.

“If anybody tries to forge this sticker, what you will not be able to forge is that (security feature). I know some people now may be warming up to go to Nasser road and make prints. Don’t think that our officers are not well informed. If you are found with a forged sticker, your vehicle will be impounded until the whole period of Coronavirus is over.”

“The consequences may be harder than you think. Please don’t try to forge stickers. The security agencies have been informed and they have all these stickers and if anybody is found to have forged a sticker will be an offender and will be prosecuted accordingly,” said Katumba.


The stickers he clarified that they are specifically for movement in greater Kampala metropolitan area.

He added that any driver who may want to drive outside greater Kampala metropolitan area will have to seek permission from the Minister of Works and Transport.

Further, Katumba said that the sticker doesn’t permit a driver to drive past curfew hours of between 7pm and 6am.

Meanwhile, for the districts, the Minister said every district has got COVID Task Force headed Resident District Commissioner and the Task Force can according to guidelines and directives issued by the Ministry of Health and President respectively decide to give permission of movement to the essential service providers in the district.

“The District for example Kaabong doesn’t have to come to Kampala to get stickers for their service providers in Kaabong to operate,” he added.


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