Gov’t Urged to Include Refugees Under Universal Secondary Education

Phillip Akuku Kaya, the education officer Adjumani district has called upon government to consider including refugees under the universal secondary education program.

“Government needs to source funds so refugees can enroll for secondary education considering it’s a basic human right,” said kaya.

The education officer was Thursday speaking at an event part of Uganda solidarity summit at Ayilo I refugee settlement distribution centre in Pakelle Sub County.

According to Kaya, lack of secondary education among refugee youths has among other things promoted crime mostly gender based violence in the refugee community.

Some of the common cases of gender based violence include rape, early marriages, beating of women.

Titus Jogo, the refugee desk officer in the office of the prime minister in the district, addressing the same issue said youths turn social misfits engaging in anti-social activities like smoking, heavy drinking etc.

Jogo however noted that with primary schooling, students are able to study though he pointed at a few challenges like student to teacher ratio and lack of proper structures in schools.

The district, whose camps accommodate over 209000 refugees from mainly South Sudan, has a number of challenges which were addressed to the various delegates and various government officials who attended the function.


Dr. George Bhoka Didi, the director of health services at the district asserts that limited funding by the government at the main health facility, Adjumani hospital has hampered provision of health services to the community that is 68% refugees.

The hospital, Didi says, which is supposed to cater for 100 patients now has up to 400 patients which the hospital’s funding from organisations and government can’t favour in terms of medicine, staff and accommodation.

Didi also asserts that the hospital needs more money than they get from the government, urging the various stakeholders including private sector and Non-governmental organisations to support them.

“We receive Shs360m from the government per annum but the medicine that money can buy only lasts for 2 months, meaning most of the patients who are mostly women are not catered for.”

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