Govt to Hold Monthly Public Accountability Meetings

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Frank Tumwebaze has said that starting with next month, government agencies and ministries will be holding accountability meetings to showcase and account for the finances given to them.

Tumwebaze said his ministry had already made arrangements with the Office of the Prime Minister to allow different government agencies hold conferences at OPM every month in order to provide for interaction with Ugandans about the kind of work they are doing with public money.

“Government agencies and ministries do a lot of work but because they do not communicate with the public, their work is not appreciated and there is no impact because the targeted audience is not informed. That is why we are going to be organizing monthly meeting with the public and the media and the heads of government agencies and ministries will be expected to publicly account for every coin that was given to them,” Tumwebaze said.

He added: “in most cases, opposition and other negative people normally attack government officials that they are useless and do not do any kind of work. This is mainly because the public is not aware of the work that these government officials are doing in the background, this will be a good opportunity for them to show the public and the opposition that they are working hard to make Uganda grow.”

Tumwebaze was speaking Thursday at a joint press conference between the Ministry of ICT and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) that took places at the ministry’s head office.

The conference was intended to announce a partnership between the two agencies for the tax payers’ appreciation week that will take place at Kololo Independence Grounds from Wednesday September 27 to Friday 29 with the intention to help government agencies give accountability to the public as well as appreciating the tax payers through offering free services.

Tumwebaze noted that his ministry was proud to partner with URA on this three day event because the agenda of the event corresponds with the mandate of the ministry.

“Our other mandate is to offer national guidance. National guidance is done thorough open communication and accountability. That is why we are going to partner with URA to help government agencies to show case their services.”

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