Gov’t To Establish Municipal Innovation Hubs To Absorb Unemployed Graduates

Government through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations is to establish Municipal Technology Innovation Hubs to add value to the locally produced goods and also absorb the thousands of unemployed Ugandan graduates.

Minister Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye revealed that in the innovation hubs set in each region, they will ask the district leaders to identify innovators, craftsmen, engineers and unemployed graduates.

“The (graduates) will be exposed to a curriculum of acquiring knowledge and skills on the modern industrial process. This makes them more professional and skillful,” Said Dr. Tumwesigye.

The Minister was on Friday addressing the district leaders of Rwenzori at Kabarole district headquarters Kitumba during the launch of the ministry’s planned activities and programs in the region.

He said, “I ask you the district leaders to understand the concept of science and technology; apply it in all situations and empower our communities to also apply it to create their own jobs by adding value on the locally produced goods”.

“Development of cities or the world isn’t by miracles; we have to put together our innovative ideas if we are to have good infrastructure,’ He added.

Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard the Kabarole District chairperson appreciated the ministry for coming on ground to seek views and  plan together with the local leaders who are the primary beneficiaries.

He however disclosed that the NRM government is grappling today because of the colonial distortion that killed the spirit of innovations of the African right from the introduction of formal education whose curriculum only emphasizes on theory than practical skills.


“Our people in Bunyoro region were doing well in iron making. In the past they would even order lightening or rain to occur while our traditional herbalists were doing great work in medicinal production and all these would have advanced if it had not been the colonialists who imposed on us their theory,” Said Rwabuhinga.

The chairman proposed that the Ministry partners with the Education ministry to develop a curriculum that favours and promotes the spirit of science and innovations, equip schools with science teachers and apparatus.

Denis Nkwasibwe the district councilor Rwimi sub county, Bunyangabu district welcomed the idea of science and innovations but observed that unless the government supports the local innovations and the national curriculum Development Centre includes it at all education levels right from primary we are unable to produce science oriented graduates.

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