Govt Orders Incompatible Locals off Hisega Swamp; Donor to Take Over

In a bid to reduce the fights between the Bagwere and the Banyole over Hisega swamp, government has given farmers who are cultivating the swamps of River Namatala and River Manafwa 6 months to vacate the area and pave way for the installation of an irrigation scheme.

The swamp borders Butaleja and Budaka districts.

The swamp, which measures around 300 hectares, has been at the center of a conflict between the Banyole and Bagwere for the last 66 years.

Peter Nkwesi, a local councilor in the area told Daily Monitor in 2016 that the dispute started when River Sunni, a tributary of river Manafa shifted to the side of Budaka district in 1954 following a heavy down pour.

The same incident occurred in in 1960 and 1997 leaving hundreds of acres once claimed by farmers in Budaka on the side of Butaleja district, he told Daily Monitor.


While addressing the residents of Butale and Budaka in a meeting at Hisega Bridge, the minister for environment said government has already got a donor who has earmarked $24.1 million to construct an irrigation scheme on River Namatala from Mbale to Tirinyi.

Mary Goretti Kitutu says the farmers are going to benefit from this scheme because they are even going to be taught fish farming, bee keeping among others.


In the same meeting, the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kaiyihura put an investigation team to investigate on the recent murders which were in Hisega swamp.

Five people were killed in October this year during clashes between the Banyole and Bagwere over the swamp.

He said the environment police have already taken over the swamp to provide security for only people who will be harvesting.

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