Gov’t Moves to Boost Coffee Production

President Yoweri Museveni has emphasized the need for the Pan African spirit if the African continent is to develop and be able to solve its own problems.

Museveni said that African problems like a wild fire spread very fast, unhealthy abortion explaining that African countries need to move in swiftly when troubles arise in their neighbors’ homes.

“When we were sending our soldiers to Somalia, price many people asked why we were doing so.

Those asking are like someone staying in his house and not knowing what is happening in the compound and the garden, cure ” Museveni said while addressing a rally at Soroti Sports Club grounds on Sunday evening.

He added, “How can you be the owner of a home and you don’t know what is happening in the garden and compound? In Africa we depend on each other that if a problem breaks out in one place, the neighbors must run quickly to stop it.”

The president noted that while on the recent trip to South Africa, he found out that over 12000 Ugandans are working in South Africa and this he attributed to the good relations between the two countries.

He said that in the same vein if South Sudan, D.R. Congo and Somalia are peaceful, Ugandans and other Africans can easily go, work and thrive in those countries.

“We need to emphasize that peace in Uganda is peace for the whole of Africa and we should embrace it so as to sustain development,” he said.
In a bid to increase coffee production in Uganda, more about government launched a drive to scale up the national coffee output. The production of coffee in Uganda had stagnated at 3 million bags per year since 1964.


Speaking during a workshop on coffee at Speke Resort Munyonyo, generic Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda said that in order to realize increased coffee production in Uganda, capsule there is need to address all issues that have affected coffee production over the time.

PM Rugunda in a group photo after closing  a workshop on coffee production at Munyonyo Resort.
PM Rugunda in a group photo after closing a workshop on coffee production in Munyonyo 

The workshop, organized by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit was held specifically to agree on an agenda, which will explore opportunities for scaling up national coffee output from the 3 million bags produced annually to 20 million – 60kg bags by 2020.

Rugunda said, ‘There are many factors that will favor increased coffee production in Uganda such as the expected production of fertilizers in Tororo to boost crop production.”

He divulged that the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway to facilitate trade in the East African region was also under way.”

The Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit Ezra Suruma thanked Government for establishing the Unit, to fast track delivery of public services.

He particularly thanked the government of Malaysia for the assistance in setting up the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit.

The workshop  attracted a cross section of participants in the field of coffee production and processing.

They included NAADS, NARO, Uganda Coffee Development Authority, NUCAFE and MP’S, among others.

Coffee is the second trading commodity in the world after oil. Uganda is the leading exporter from Africa.

Coffee produces income for smallholders and production constitutes 20 percent of the Ugandan national export revenues.

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