Gov’t: Mbabazi Wasting Time, Accused of Corruption

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 presidential race declaration was long overdue and will only expose the hollowness of his bid to occupy the most coveted office in the land,  a government official said Monday.

“Whoever is saying this is a surprise has not been here. I can tell the world categorically, there is no secret Amama Mbabazi is holding in his armpit, ” said government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo at the Uganda Media Centre on Monday.

Opondo stated that the former powerful NRM Secretary General “is going to fall in the same pit as Besigye, Mugisha Muntu. I think he is wasting his time.”

This is the third response from government with all officials questioning Mbabazi’s ability to add value to Uganda’s transformation drive.

Mbabazi said today he would in his presidency focus on improving healthcare and education standards in the country; reinforcing observance of and respect for the rule of law while ensuring security for all and fighting corruption among others.

He further stated that the 2016 exercise “is the most important election in a generation,” adding, “As a people we must choose between achieving success and true prosperity in the new global economy or nursing a tired nation – yesterday’s story.”

In response, Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze said Mbabazi served in high profile positions which he never used to advance the common man’s aspirations.

Opondo today attacked Mbabazi, saying “he has been crawling with his announcement for the last two years” and that, “The very fact that he was removed from those two positions in quick succession.”


The government publicist said Mbabazi at one time said he was loyal to the NRM – Kyankwanzi resolution and also the same person who in 2000 told Kizza Besigye not to “jump the queue.”

He stressed: “Amama Mbabazi will be judged by the different appointments Museveni gave him. We have seen him on his Facebook profile trying to recreate himself. He is not the only one who has sacrificed all of us have sacrificed.”

There have been reports that Mbabazi could face charges of corruption and abuse during his reign as a government official.

Opondo simply said, “Yes, there is corruption and Amama Mbabazi is among those accused – Temangalo, CHOGM.”

On Mbabazi’s campaign catchwords, branding and overall media strategy, Opondo observed: “We have seen his flagship slogan “Go Forward”. We would want him to table his balanced sheet. 30 years in government there is nothing new Amama Mbabazi is going to publish that Museveni hasn’t or any person in NRM. We want to see the MPs that will join him, apart from his wife and sister in-law.”

He said Mbabazi “has a right to stand, but has declared in a cowardly manner.”

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