Gov’t is Improving Food Security in Karamoja – Minister Oundo

The Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs, viagra 100mg Barbara Nekesa Oundo has responded to allegations that the NRM government is not doing enough to have sufficient food production and stocks in Karamoja.

Addressing the media on Monday, Hon Nekesa said the NRM government has, through the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs, rolled-out an integrated program to promote food security in Karamoja.

“Indeed, the capacity for production in the region has improved so much that today, the reliance of emergency food rations is in Karamoja is phasing out,” she said.

The Minister said the severe shortage of food in Karamoja prior to 1986 was mainly attributable to insecurity and lawlessness.

At that time, she said, unabated armed conflict, cattle rustling, murder and displacement of people made it impossible for people within and around Karamoja to settle and engage in food production.

A comprehensive disamourment exercise by the NRM government resulted into the recovery of over 40,000 illegal guns from Karamoja.

“Indeed, anyone who has visited Karamoja in the last 10 years can attest to the peace and civility in the entire region. People have fully reverted to producing food,” she said.

Minister Oundo added that the NRM Government introduced crop growing in Karamoja to ensure that people there do not rely on animal products like beef and milk alone for food.


She said as a result, Karamoja now produces large quantities of foodstuffs maize, cassava, millet, beans, peas, sorghum and a variety of fruits.

She noted that over the last 10 years, government has also been progressively procuring tractors to purposely boost food production in Karamoja.

“Last Financial Year alone, 28 tractors and accessories were procured and distributed to large scale farmer groups in the region.”

The Minister revealed that government is investing heavily in water reservoirs to mitigate the impact of the semi-arid weather conditions in Karamoja on agriculture and food production.

She said 150 valley dams have so far been built in the region with resources from Ministry of Water and Environment and projects including NUSAF II, PRDP II and KALIP under the Office of the Prime Minister.

“The target by government is to eventually build up to 262 valley dams throughout the region. ‘

The Minister said the recent instances of food shortage in Karamoja were an exception and a short-term effect of prolonged drought on those areas without water reservoirs.

“The Disaster Management Department under the Office of the Prime Minister responded with timely delivery of emergency supplies to plug the resulting food shortages,” she said.

Minister Oundo said the rains are back and people in Karamoja are massively planting food crops again.

“With bumper harvests anticipated, the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs is encouraging the farmers in the region to build silos for storing the excess food stocks for future.”

When all the planned 262 valley dams are in place in the next 5 years, every parish in Karamoja will have a reliable water reservoir.

“Government actually envisages a Karamoja which will be a net food supplier with surpluses for markets within and outside Uganda in the next decade,” she said.

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