Gov’t Condemns Use of Social Media to Abuse Girls

Government has strongly condemned the growing practice of using social media to lure young girls into early sex.

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba voiced the condemnation on Sunday as Uganda joined the rest of the world to mark the international day of a girl child.

“Despite the various benefits of social media, the Ministry of ICT is aware that these online platforms have also become a source of violence and abuse targeting girls and women. Every day, so many girls on social media are targeted through different forms of abuse. Some of the attacks target innocent girls by luring them into online sex trade that is now rampant,” said Nabakooba.

She added that others target girls by mocking the way they look or dress.

“Such attacks are meant to attack the girl’s confidence making her feel inferior and worthless. As Government, we condemn this kind of online abuse and call upon all those involved to stop it. I want to encourage all girls and women who have been victims of social media abuse to stand up and take action,” she said.

The minister encouraged victims of social media abuse to report to police if the situation gets out of hand.

Meanwhile, Nabakooba informed Ugandans that all wealth creation opportunities are available for all citizens regardless of political or any other inclination.

Among these opportunities, she said, is “Emyooga” or wealth creation funds.


Last week, Cabinet approved the administration of these funds to be taken closer to the people.

Previously, “emyooga” funds have been managed at the district level but will now be managed at parish and constituency level. Each constituency has up to 560 million shillings to give out for development purposes.

Nabakooba called upon all Ugandans to reach out to their respective parish chiefs or community development officers for information on how to access the funds.

“Let us organise in our SACCOs and ensure that no one is left behind in Government’s wealth creation efforts,” she said.


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