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Gov’t: Besigye’s P10 Linked to ‘Leaflets of Terror’

Government has reacted furiously to remarks by opposition ironman D Kizza Besigye that the state could be masterminding the recent wave of attacks in the country, price saying the former presidential candidate should actually blame himself.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said Besigye’s supporters are linked to the insecurity that has gripped the nation.

“Besigye has found out that government is aware that his fringe political group of P10 is linked to some of the thugs throwing threatening leaflets around the country especially in central region of Buganda,” said Ofwono Opondo in an interview with ChimpReports today.

The opposition leader said at a press conference on Thursday that he had reason to believe that security institutions were masterminding the havoc.

He also cited comments by a suspected criminal who told police boss Gen Kale Kayihura at a press conference on Monday that the violent gangs were mobilised, facilitated and protected by armed policemen using patrol cars.

But Opondo said Besigye’s press conference today was an “attempt to pre-empt being exposed.”

Opondo further referred to Gen Kayihura’s comments that police were “investigating connection between those dropping leaflets and robbing people disguising as common criminals.”

He added: “Only last week, Besigye said Uganda was permitted by the constitution to take up arms and use violent means to remove a bad government that has usurped their rights and powers. He knows that he is about to be cornered.”


Besigye recently said use of arms to remove a sitting government was an option for the people but that his party was committed to lawful and peaceful methods of changing the statusquo.

The attacks on homes have left several people dead and dozens injured.

Leaflets of terror 

In Greater Masaka, the insecurity was witnessed in the three districts of Lwengo, Masaka and Bukomansimbi especially during the months of October and November last year.

According to Kayihura, over 100 suspects were arrested and over 50 suspects have appeared in courts of law.

He said the communities have been mobilized to work closely with the police through increased patrols, community policing, crime intelligence and investigation to increase vigilance and defeat these criminals in the communities.

In Kampala Metropolitan policing area, there have been criminals circulating leaflets intimidating the public and robbing their property.

Described by the public as “leaflets of terror”, the flyers have been circulated in Namulanda, Kyengera, Nsangi and Wakiso.

Kayihura said police have arrested prime suspects in connection with this crime.

“We have apprehended over 13 suspects who are prime suspects in this new wave of crime. They are providing useful information that will help in our investigations. We shall prosecute all of them and soon, we shall stamp out the vice completely,” he observed.

Opondo told this website that government “is aware of all his (Besigye) underground mobilization alongside some cultural, religious and civil society organizations to spread fear and panic as the country moves towards LC elections and constitutional review process including threats to MPs deemed vocal on certain positions.”

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