Govt Agencies Urged to Join Forces for Effective Service Delivery

The government annual performance review meeting that has been going on at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) was concluded Tuesday evening.

Among the most discussed issues, there was general consent between different ministries and local leaders that lack of coordination between government agencies, lack of data; corruption and underfunding were among the major issues that were disrupting public service delivery.

On that note, the Prime Minister of Uganda, Ruhakana Rugunda, has asked all government officials to integrate efforts between different agencies to improve service delivery.

The Prime Minister noted that because of the construction of oil roads, there has been reduction in the budgets of almost all government agencies.

However, Rugunda asked the ministries to work out a way to make sure that they fulfill government programs so that the general public is served accordingly.

“We agree that there is understaffing and underfunding in most government offices. However, we can use the little funds that we have between ourselves to make sure that we improve service delivery to the public. These problems are always going to be here but we gave to find a way of working around them as we find lasting solutions to them,” Rugunda said.

The Minister for Public Service Wilson M. Mukasa, said that there were requests from all local governments to increase stuffing, however, the government is not considering this request anytime soon due to lack of adequate funds.

“Majority of local governments are operating on 50-59% stuffing. There has been request for more stuffing. However, our plan is to first increase the pay for the existing staff so that they are well equipped to effectively deliver services. Recruiting new stuff is not on our budget.”

The annual review retreat was attended by the Prime Minister, Head of Public Service, permanent secretaries, heads of agencies, heads of missions abroad and representatives of local governments.

The main aim of such performance reviews is to determine the success and failures of government agencies and also to find remedies for challenged facing the government agencies in their attempts to effectively deliver services to the communities.

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