GOVERNMENT: Witchcraft, Prostitution Behind Women Murders

Government on Thursday blamed the murders of young women in Wakiso district largely on ritual sacrifice by a known businessman.

In a statement read on the floor of Parliament on Thursday, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odongo who read the names of 21 women killed since May 2017, said the main suspects involved the horrible incidents have been apprehended and some arraigned in courts.

“Between 3rd May 2017 and 4th September 2017 a total of 21 women have been killed in the most gruesome manner. To date 44 suspects linked to these murders have been arrested, 22 of who have been charged in court,” Gen. Odongo said.

According to the minister under whose docket lies Uganda Police and Prisons, investigations have linked most of the killings in Nansana to a one Phillips Tumuhimbise.

“In the case of Nansana municipality murders, eight of the 9 women were murdered by one criminal gang for ritual scarified purposes. The prime suspect Ibrahim Kawesa confessed that he had been contracted by Phillips Tumuhimbise to kill 12 women to draw blood for ritual performance to enhance wealth.”

Odongo stressed that police is doing everything possible to stop the killings and also appealed to the public to fight moral decadence like prostitution.

“We must deal with factors that feed and fuel criminality including prostitution, superstition drug abuse and others.”

Some few of the killings were blamed on domestic wrangles over resources.

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