Government Vehicle Kills One, Injures 2 in Nasty Accident

A vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on Thursday knocked down three people along Kyankwanzi-Kiboga highway.

Registered under UG 0291K, the vehicle, police said, first hit a motorcycle rider and lost control, then knocked a bicycle rider before running over a pedestrian who died instantly.

The deceased was identified as Jimmy Epila, 32, a resident of Kikonda village in kyankwanzi district.

Police did not immediately identify the other victims. It also did not give specifics about the injuries sustained.

After trailing the vehicle, a Ford Pick-up truck, Wamala Regional Police Spokesperson Nobert Ochom, said they found the car on the roadside and it is only the co-driver (an unnamed government official) who was there. The driver had fled.

The driver is called Denis Musisi Kimala.

The incident took place at Kalagi trading centre in Kyankwanzi district.

The vehicle is currently parked at Kyankwanzi Central Police Station.



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