Government Urged to Prioritize Prevention of Heart Diseases

President of the Democratic Party Norbert Mao has Tuesday urged Government to prioritize preventive measures to address cardiovascular diseases that are on the rise in the country.

Mr Mao cited a number of cases of people who have succumbed to heart related diseases, viagra buy urging government to do something.

“Yesterday as l saw on social media a 32 year old man who collapsed and died in his car in Mbarara. You all know the case of Ivan Semwanga and also Major General Julius Okecha, who all died young because of heart disease” he said.

Mao told press at City House that DP was advising government to focus on preventative measures to address heart diseases, in the way immunization was used to eliminate the killer diseases.

“We call upon government to invest in two areas; physical fitness and sensitizing people to watch their diet. Our traditional foods will save us.”

Mao pointed out that with concern that many open spaces are being encroached on and people no longer have spaces to do exercises from.

“People also think the more fat you eat; the higher your status and we are inviting many companies like KFC. There is a bishop who called it a Kids Fattening Center,” he added.

According to the World Health Organization report of 2016 Uganda loses 35300. people to cardiovascular diseases every year.

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