Government to Start Issuing East African Electronic Passport Next Month

Cabinet has resolved and directed the Ministry of East African Affairs to start the implementation of East African International electronic passport.

The weekly Cabinet sitting on Monday at State House Entebbe, according to a statement read at Media Center, concluded that the issuance of the regional e-Passport should start on December 10th 2018.

“Cabinet noted the introduction of the International East African e-Passports and eventual Phase-out of the current East African and National Machine Readable Passports,” said part of the statement read by Executive Director Media Center, Ofwono Opondo.

Ofwono remarked that the rollout of the e-Passport is however going to commence on January 10th 2018.

“Citizens wishing to apply for the current National Machine Readable Passports now but without an urgent need for International travel between now and 10th January, 2019 will be strongly advised to wait until the commissioning and launch of the e- passport system on 10th January 2019, so that they can be able to apply and be issued with the new International EAC e-Passport with an activated chip.”

According to Ofwono, the new passport is going to facilitate travel within the integrating East African region and also combat transnational crime.

“The East African International e-Passport shall facilitate travel within the region and  will also be equipped with adequate Security features that can help handle matters connected with transnational crime like identity fraud,” added Ofwono.

The e-Passport is also expected to provide an opportunity for integration with other innovative solutions for online identification and authentication for e-Government Services.



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