Government Sued for ‘Frustrating Medical Innovation’

Senfuka David, one of the Directors at NNN Medical Research and Diagnostic Center Ltd has dragged the Government of Uganda and the World Health organization (WHO) to court for failure to clear his cancer, diabetes herbal formula

In his application filed before High Court on Tuesday, Senfuka says on several occasions under the guidance of medical experts from Ministry of Health he has administered his crafted medical formulae to over 200 patients suffering from both diabetes and cancer who have been cured completely.

Among the patients he claims to have cured is Retired High Court Judge Hon Justice John Bosco Katutsi, who he says is ready to testify on this matter

“The plaintiffs will produce video reports to court showing the administration of medicine and stages of cure up to complete healing as well as pathological reports of former patients who would have given consent to render testimony in this suit,” reads part of the plaint

Senfuka says before applying this medical formulae, he first engaged Uganda National Health Research Organization’s Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, which carried out numerous tests and analyses before recommending it for use on human beings.

He adds that on top of that he embarked on steps of having his innovations internationally recognized, but says this has been frustrated by Government through its agents.

“The Plaintiffs in order to sway government to issue protocol, went further and wrote to Director Cancer institute Mulago and President Uganda Medical Association for a discussion and analysis of this project to enable them investigate their medicine but they ignored and instead threatened to arrest him over fake medicine. ”

That on top of that he has not been able to continue with administering his medicine because Ministry of health and its agencies have failed or rejected to give them government protocol required for commencement of facilitated human clinical trials worth international accreditation.”


“Without Government protocol they could not procure the resources of international medical specialists and renown scientists who could carry out both chemical and bio analysis of the plaintiff’s medicine with a view of giving it a formulae that it can cure diseases and secure patents for it.”

Senfuka says that denying him Government protocol has made him lose out on the funds from Embassies, Government, investors and other rich people who would have picked interest in their project of producing drugs or pills to cure the diseases which have claimed many people worldwide.

It’s from the above background that he wants court to order Government through National Health Research organization to register, renew and coordinate the plaintiff’s research.

On top of that seeks an order to government to finance the scientific and human clinical trials to establish the effectiveness of diabetes and Cancer

Lastly he asked court to persuade Uganda National council of science and Technology to protect the intellectual property through appropriate patent laws of this discovery.

The matter has not been fixed for hearing.

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