Government Roots For Safe Storage, Security Of Chemicals

Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has embarked on implementing the Chemical Safety and Security Project (CHESASE).

The project is aimed at strengthening institutional, technical and operational capabilities in (CRBNE) safety and security measures.

Addressing the Press on Tuesday evening at the Ministry’s headquarters at Simbamanyo building, the Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana noted that: “The effects of the CBRNE incident are multidimensional in nature and impact the development of the country negatively.”

He added that the new strategy also focuses on CBRRNE threats arising from deliberate intention to cause harm.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CRBNE) materials provide society with a wide range of benefits, particularly in agriculture (fertilisers), industry (Industrial chemicals for manufacturing) and health sectors (diagnostis and treatment of diseases).

However, experts warned that CBRNE materials if misused or failure to follow best practice from production, transportation and disposal may have potential to harm citizens.

The risks range from accidental spillage to intentional use by terrorists for the production of weapons of mass destruction.

The program is expected to contribute to enhancement of Uganda’s ability to mitigate and prevent CBRNE safety and security risks/incidents from occurring through promotion of occupational safety and health at work places.


It will also provide a national framework for ensuring effective control and coordination of the widely spread CBRNE materials.

It was also revealed that it will promote awareness and sensitization to the general public on the management of CBRNE materials.

In a wider context, it also includes policies to prevent attempts to acquire precursors to weapons of mass destruction.

The event was also attended by officials from Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, URA, Ministry of Finance among others.

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