Government Ordered to Pay Shs 29 B to Former Employees

President Museveni pulled one of his largest rallies in recent weeks in Ibanda, check with thousands of excited supporters thronging the venues.

Women carried their children on the back to the rallies.

The men displayed their rare dancing skills thanks to the blazing music at the rallies.

Accompanied by First Lady Janet, Museveni was welcomed by Ibanda South MP and Works State Minister Eng John Byabagambi and; businessman Patrick Bitature.

Before Museveni took to the podium, the clandestine NRM Team Thorough managed to mobilise hundreds of FDC and Go Forward supporters to defect to the mainstream ruling party.

Museveni said NRM has done the roads to Mbarara, Fort Portal, Kamwenge, all which connect with Ibanda.

He also pointed out that electricity has been extended to Rwomuhoro, Kanoni, Nyanza, Nyarubanga, Kantaganya, Rwemirondo, Kitongole, Rwabizanzwa, Rukiri Rwenkuba, Rwenengwe, Kyabaganda, St Anne SS.

There are 220 primary schools, 124 of them government-owned, said Museveni.


The President, who enjoys wide popularity in the area, said the five parishes without schools will get just like the one sub-county that does not have a secondary school. Nyakatooke SS, St. Richards, Saasi SS, Namalele High School will become government-aided, he added.

To illustrate the importance of entrepreneurship, Museveni called tycoon Patrick Bitature who told the gathering that he employs 500 people at his two hotels, yet the whole of Ibanda District administration employs only 75 staff.

Museveni said the Bitatures are able to do this because of peace.

He also tasked the Ibanda NRM district Chairman to ensure he reconciles all those that fell out due to the NRM primaries.

Museveni arriving at a rally in Kashongi
Museveni arriving at a rally in Kashongi

My last rally of the day was in Kashongi sub-county, Kashongi constituency in Kiruhura District.

Museveni called for unity which he said has contributed to the peace in the country.

“I didn’t know that Kashongi didn’t have electricity, but since I have noted this, it will be done. Rural electrification has been one of our priorities. Kashongi, Ruhumba, Kashwa, Rwakahaya, Rwemamba, Kitula, Byanamira, Kitabo, Kabushwere, Kyenshama, Kenshunga will all get electricity,” said Museveni.

“Kashongi has got mainly three issues; roads, electricity and water. Once we do the Mbarara-Ibanda road, the one to Kashongi will also be worked on,” said the president.

On access to clean water, Museveni said Kinoni, Kazo, Rushere, Kiruhura, Nyakasharara, Rubindi have all got piped water.

“I have directed Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu to work on the water for Kashongi. I gave these people their own constituency to have service delivery improved,” added Museveni.
The High Court in Kampala has ordered government to pay a staggering Shs29.1 billion to former employees of the defunct Uganda Coffee Marketing Board [CMB] who were retrenched without compensation.

The ruling was made on Monday by Justice Stephen Musota to the Attorney General in reference to over 1500 former employees of the defunct Coffee Marketing Board led by Besiima Kabonese who petitioned court.

“I am satisfied with the submission of the lawyer and I hereby order government to fulfill its obligation of paying the former employees of Uganda Coffee Marketing Board, viagra buy ” Justice  Musota said on Monday.

The pensioners through their lawyers accused government of neglecting and or refusing to pay  their terminal benefits in fulfillment of a consent judgment between the complainants and the Attorney General in July last year.

According to their representatives, the former Coffee Marketing Board workers   who now live in different parts of the world including London, Mombasa, Mwanza, Kasese and other areas were retrenched between 1992 and 1998 after its privatization by government.

According to the consent judgment, government was ordered to pay the complainants over Shs10.3 billion as total terminal benefits for the non-unionised former employees in accordance with the verification report of the Auditor General of November 2009.

Each of the complainants was to be paid Shs10 million as general damages and interest be paid at court rate.

However, in October last year, Permanent Secretary to the treasury, Mr Keith Muhakanizi said the claims for terminal benefits were illegal and irregular arguing that court had earlier issued an order prohibiting its implementation.

“Verification of this claim by the Auditor General was highly irregular and appears to be the trigger of most of these challenges. The verification was deemed irregular,” wrote Mr Muhakanizi adding that the Auditor General was not requested by the Ministry of Finance or the official receiver to carry out the purported verification.

In the letter to the Attorney General seeking for legal advice and guidance on how to handle, Mr Muhakanizi wrote; “I was quite surprised that a new suit was filed by the former Coffee Marketing Board workers, brought to the knowledge of the Solicitor General and concluded without consulting us. The commitment of government arising from the consent requiring taxpayers to pay colossal sums of money is highly irregular and must be challenged and or reversed.”

Court documents indicate that another group of 264 former workers of the defunct CMB which was laid off in 1991 have their matter still pending before the Court of Appeal.

According to the consent judgment, complainants had to be paid Shs10 billion as special damages and another Shs10bn to each of them as general damages plus Shs1 billion as aggravated damages and 10 percent per annum on special damages.


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