Government Intervenes in Jinja-Njeru Row

Government has intervened into the continuous impasse between Jinja Municipality and the proposed Njeru municipality of the management and distribution of revenue accruals from the source of the Nile.

Officials from the ministry for tourism and world life today afternoon convened a joint meeting for officials from both Jinja and Njeru municipalities in pursuit of paving a common understanding to settle the misunderstanding.

Officials including political and civil servants attended the meeting held Jinja municipal council chambers at Town hall.

Ever since Njeru was named among the new municipalities, its leaders have waged a battle over sharing of revenue from the source of the Nile.

The verbal war ignited by Njeru leaders has of recent proved to be a threat to potential tourists prompting the ministry to intervene.

James Lutalo, the national director for tourism and wild life told leaders in the meeting that Jinja should remain the land lord of the source of the Nile.

“However, since the source is shared by both Jinja and Njeru in Buikwe, even Njeru should get a portion of the revenue for its development” he added.

He said that the ministry received complaints from some of the investors especially Dr John  Okia of Living waters about mistreatment of tools by law enforcement officers from Jinja municipal council and noise pollution to tourists as they live along the waters but in investigating the matter Jinja municipality also complained of encroachment on their waters by Njeru municipality.


He promised that the ministry will cause many more meetings in a bid to create communication between municipalities’ officials and other stakeholders in reviewing the problem and its possible remedy.

He promised to have more engagements with leaders in Jinja and Njeru to resolve the matters peacefully to ensure that the two municipalities benefit a lot since it’s a good centre of revenue.

Jinja Municipality Mayor Majidu Batambuze says that leaders are working tirelessly to ensure that such infightings over revenue at the source of the Nile do not continue anymore because they have negatively affected revenue collections from the source.

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