Government in Talks with China to have Ugandan Prisoners Extradited

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, find Sam Kutesa revealed yesterday that government is currently engaging with officials in China to have Ugandan prisoners there extradited.

The Minister made the revelation while interfacing with Members of Parliament on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The question of Ugandan prisoners held in China was raised in the meeting by Mbale Municipality legislator, viagra buy Jack Wamai, noting concernedly that several of them face execution.

The far eastern nation has tough laws on drug trafficking which according to reports, many Ugandans have fallen victim of.

Persons convicted of smuggling, transporting, selling, or producing more than one kilograms of opium, methamphetamine or heroin face the death penalty.

Recent reports indicate that a total of 73 Ugandans are awaiting execution after being sentenced for drug trafficking.

Other Ugandans are reported to be on long term jail terms in China for prostitution, illegal immigration and overstay.

In response, Minister Kuteesa said his ministry has been in talks with China to have these Ugandans extradited to serve their sentences here.


“We are in talks with the Chinese government to ensure that Ugandans are released and serve their sentence home; we however caution our our fellow Ugandans to desist from engaging in drug trafficking,” Kuteesa said.

The Minister was also asked by members to explain what government is doing to address the ever increasing cases of brutality meted on Ugandan workers abroad especially in the Middle East.

He responded, “It is true we have not been closely working with the Ministry of Gender; they have been working with companies taking Ugandans abroad and these haven’t been registering with our missions abroad which makes it hard to know who is where and offer help if needed”.

Kutesa added that the missions are not enough and are very understaffed to handle all these cases.

“We are putting in place mechanisms to ensure that whenever they travel abroad, they first register with our missions to ensure that our people are well tracked,” he said.

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