Government in Final Stages of Amending the Land Act

State Minister for Lands, patient Persis Namuganza has said government is in final stages of amending the land act 2016 to lessen of the procedures and process for government to acquire private land for public use.

Currently, the government uses its powers of compulsory acquisition of private land for public purposes it must pay compensation before land is expropriated.

But the minister says, the amendment bill that would soon be tabled in parliament seeking to guide the relationship between land owners and government in making communal and public developments that would benefit the society.

Speaking to ChimpReports, Ms Namuganza also noted that the ministry of lands has designed a policy of helping religious institutions and organizations to survey, demarcate and process land titles for their respective areas.

“It is absurd that fellow Christians connive to encroach on church land because they have full information and knowledge about it to the extent that Christians recently threatened the archbishop and Bishops during the tour of part of the church land in Mukono. We need to end such” she said.

Her response followed complaints by the Busoga Diocese Bishop, Rt. Rev. Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye at the installation of the archdeacon of Ivukula in Namutumba district, Busoga diocese over rampant encroachment on church land.

Namuganza also challenged people to individually guard their land by demarcating it and also planting trees to protect, preserve and conserve the environment.

“Most districts in Uganda have been threatened by hunger including my home district of Namutumba but this is particularly because we have depleted the environment leading to prolonged dry spells. If we address the area of environment conservation, we can surely have our usual rain pattern and be able to have enough food” she said


The current Land Act raises issues for investors in projects where the government provides the land prompting would-be investors in Uganda to first make a risk assessment of whether and how the Government might take expropriatory action.

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