Government Explains Delays in Mask Distribution

Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng has apologized for the apparent delay in the distribution of free facemasks around the country, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The process which was ordered by President Museveni in May this year has been dragging on for nearly three months with less than half the district covered so far.

To-date, 44 districts across the country have received a total of 16,092,780 masks out of the planned 34 million masks.

In a statement, Minister Aceng issued an apology to the country saying the circumstances has been “beyond our control.”

Among the factors for the delay she said was that since the masks were meant to be sources locally, there were challenges including; material sourcing and production capacity which slowed the speed of distribution have largely been addressed.

On the concerns about the masks being of poor quality, Aceng said this was being rectified.

“In order to address this challenge, the companies have been tasked to improve the quality according to the set standards provided by Government,” she said.

“In the event that the company does not adhere to the recommended standards, they will be dropped out from the list of suppliers. Furthermore, the suppliers have been directed to put the company label on each mask in order for the public to hold them accountable. Qualification of the failed face masks is ongoing with dialogue for replacement.”

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