Government Establishes Seed School in Kumi In Memory of 1987 NRA Atrocities

In a bid to usher in peace between Government and the citizenry in Ojie Parish, Kumi District, the Office of the Prime Minister has fulfilled its pledge of a seed Secondary School as part of its commitment to compensate the residents over the atrocities/killings that were orchestrated by the National Resistance Army (NRA) soldiers in 1987 in the Sub-Region.

The President in a 6th December 2017 letter had directed the three offices of the Attorney General, Prime Minister and State House Controller to compensate the people of Kumi District over 1987 killings.

In his letter, the President also apologized to the people of Ojie saying, it was unfortunate that the innocent Ugandans had been killed by the soldiers.

The President also directed, the office of the Attorney General to compensate for the lives lost as a means of reconciliation with the aggrieved families and further tasked the office of the State house Controller headed by Ms. Lucy Nanchobe to construct memorial schools in Ojie Parish.

At least 160 people were killed by the NRA fighters in villages of Kabwele, Ojie, Magoro, Agurut, Oladot, Ominai, Kumi and Atutur on the 19/09/1987. But the President in his letter wrote that, he was not aware of the killings.

Confirming the new development, the Teso affair Minister Agnes Jaff Akiror who visited the site early on Friday Morning said, 12 classrooms have been completed and the constructor on the site is now doing construction for the main hall and the pit latrine that are nearing completion.

Akiror said, the NRM government under the stewardship of Yoweri Museveni is committed to fulfilling its pledges to the people of Teso as peaceful means of fostering peaceful reconciliation between the government in power and its citizens.

The Minister also used the same opportunity to hand over a total of over 300 iron sheets to different families in Ojie in accordance with the President’s directive that each family needed to be rehabilitated.


Moses Akeda the area LCIII for Kanyum Sub County in Kumi District commended the President for openly apologizing for the deeds of his junior officers.

He also asked President Museveni to hasten the process of compensation of survivors.

Residents of Ojie last year donated over 100 hectares of land to Government for the establishment of the Seed Secondary School that is expected to commence admitting students next academic year 2019.


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