Government Called to Prioritize Judiciary

Government has been warned that the only way it will be able to promote fairness and justice will be by providing more funding to the Judiciary.

The call was made by Prof Frederick Sempebwa at the launch of the 1st Quarterly report by the Uganda Law Society.

Sempwebwa said government can raise funds to the judiciary but cutting on unnecessary expenditure on duplicated government bodies that do the same jobs.

The celebrated lawyer, noted for instance that government has declined to increase the number of judges but the same government is introducing new agencies financed to do the same roles as the existing ones.

“There is need to analyze the number of judges in Uganda with the population ratio compared to other countries,” he said.

“The judiciary is a separate organ of government but has not been accorded this status institutionally and finance-wise compared for instance to Parliament.”

The report suggested that Parliament should speed up passing the Judiciary Bill to allow judges retire with their salaries and benefits to avoid temptations of having a corrupt judicial system.

At the report launch, the Vice President of Uganda Law Society Phiona Awaal said the body this time will shift from making statements on issues regarding violation of the rule of law and focus of taking action.



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