Government Bans Politicians Wearing Red Berets from Appearing On TV, Radio Talk Shows 

Government through security agencies has warned media houses to refrain from hosting politicians who break the law by wearing attire that was gazzeted as belonging to the Army.

This understanding was reached on Tuesday in a meeting between media owners and security agencies that was held at the offices of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in Kampala.

According government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, it was agreed that media owners shall not allow any politician wearing red berets and any other attire that resembles that of the military and breaching the set guidelines will attract severe consequences to the media houses.

“It will be a breach and if you want to persist, you can persist and consequences shall follow you,” Ofwono sounded the warning.

The engagement was also meant to iron out other potential areas of conflict and misunderstanding between the media and security agencies during the election period.

They parties on the other hand reached an understanding on the manner in which security officers ought to engage with media organisations that’s if they are suspected to have broken the rules of engagement, the laws established and protocols.

Also key on the agenda was the way in which security agencies conduct their operations during the campaign period.

Media owners pointed out incidences where radio and TV stations have been raided and politicians arrested after talk shows and also some media houses closed especially in rural areas.


“Those incidences don’t look good in the eyes of the public but also don’t depict the democracy we’re trying to form,” said Kin Karisa the chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters in Uganda.

A committee comprising of representatives from media houses and security agencies chaired by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo was formed and it is through this that all concerns from the two parties will be discussed and solved.

The meeting was attended by the chief of defence forces Gen. David Muhoozi, deputy Inspector General of police Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi, Prisons boss Johnson Byabashaija among others.

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