God Directed Me to Pardon Condemned Rwakakasisi – M7 

President Yoweri Museveni has said it was a voice from God that directed the former minister for Security, about it Chris Rwakasisi from the death row in Luzira maximum prison.

Museveni made the revelation on Saturday during the 18th National Prayer Breakfast held at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

According to the President, viagra approved all the law courts from Mbarara High Court to the Supreme Court had condemned Rwakasisi to death and even the last resort- Committee of Mercy upheld hanging the latter who served in Apollo Milton Obote II government.

Rwakasisi, who is now the Senior Presidential Advisor and committee member of National Prayer Breakfast, stood besides him as he spoke.

“I am not so prayerful but when the papers to sign Rwakasisi’s death came to my table I decided to pray. A voice from above came to me and said don’t let him die. That was God by all means.”

Rwakasisi first revealed in 2014 that God reigned on Museveni to release him in a three series interview published by the Daily Monitor.

“I don’t think this would have come from Museveni unless it was Jesus working through him.”

Rwakasisi was arrested when Obote’s government was overthrown in 1985 by Gen. Tito OkelloLutwa and was locked in Luzira on 20th August same year.


Museveni’s regime found Rwakasisi in prison, started a formal trial and on 30th June 1988 and a 10 hours judgment by Mbarara High Court Magistrate from 10am to 8:30pm, pronounced death penalty.

When Museveni threatened to go to bush after the contentious 1980 elections, Rwakasisi allegedly said “we shall find you there and leave you there”.

The two first met in 1970 when Rwakasisi was head of legal and political affairs at the President’s Office while Museveni was a research assistant reporting to the former.

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