GNL in New Thriller Video

Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba seems never to run out of the ideas to make his music top class. The singer who is ultimately responsible for the introduction of Lugaflow onto the mainstream music industry in the country is now making a ‘thriller’ video.

The confessed Michael; Jackson fan has intimated to ChimpLyf that the video that he expects to be launched early 2015 will feature himself and his friends in costumes and make up that depict zombies.

GNL who said he did not want to spill so much about the video to avoid spoiling for his fans also said that it is being produced by the finest videographers in town and would be a game changer in the movie making industry.

GNL and his baboon Forest are also set to be involved in a charity drive where they will be using their talents to raise money for the Mulago Heart Institute.

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