Global Data Company to Support Government,Telecoms Boost Internet Coverage

SEACOM, a company which provides internet to local telecom companies in South Africa and other African countries has expressed interest to work with the government of Uganda and other service providers to increase internet coverage in the country.

While speaking at the launch of their services in Uganda, Steve Brigs the Chief commercial officer SEACOM pointed out that some areas may not be able to get internet connectivity without government intervention since residents may not be a target market to local service providers.

“We are not here to compete with local service providers because they are our customers whom we provide access to our broad band cable system”

Tonny Tugee SEACOM’s Managing Director for the Eastern North and East African region, said the new development is part of the Telecom provider’s plan to strengthen its position as the regional connectivity provider with ability to link businesses together within Africa and globally

“We own and operate our core data back bone network end to end, enabling us to offer seamless and cost effective solutions across the region,” Tugee revealed.

He further added that they are aiming at expanding internet coverage in the whole of Africa from the current 40% coverage to full coverage.


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