Girl Fakes Kidnap To Help Boyfriend Raise Dowry 

Police Flying Squad Unit have arrested an 18-year-old woman identified as Regina Nakiwu for allegedly faking her own kidnap with the intention of defrauding Shs 2,000,000 from her father.

It is said that Nakiwu needed the cash to enable her marriage to her 20 year old boyfriend identified as William Ssenyonga.

Police says Nakiwu and her boyfriend  were arrested after her father Mr Ponsiano Mbaziira a businessman in Owino market reported the alleged kidnap.

In a statement, the Kampala Metro police said the boyfriend called Nakiyi from her school to his house in Kawala, Kasubi where they sat and brainstormed on how to obtain the money.

“She suggested to him to call her father claiming he had kidnapped her and wanted a 2million shillings ransom or she would never been seen alive again,” police said.

Ssenyonga reportedly loved the idea and proceeded to make the call to the girl’s father.

Mbaziira requested for some little time to gather the amount but instead reported the case to police.

Police says the lovers were found at Senyonga’s home in Kawaala having lunch and were arrested.


“Nakiwu told police she was trying to help her boyfriend to expand his shoe business so that he could raise enough money to pay her dowry,” police said

The suspects are currently detained at CPS police station pending arraignment in courts of law.


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