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Girl Fakes Kidnap to Dupe ‘Stingy’ Boyfriend, Arrested

Police at Old Kampala is holding a 21-year-old girl for faking her kidnap with intention to extort her boyfriend.

The suspect under custody is identified as Mariam Uwase, a resident of one of the suburbs in Kampala.

Police said that girl faked the kidnap “with intent to extort money from her three months old boyfriend whom she says is a “stingy fellow”.

Police said that suspect manipulated the magic voice service of her handset which she used to make teary phone calls to her boyfriend.

Uwase made various calls using different phone numbers claiming she was in the hands of brutal abductors who would kill her if the lover did not send 25 million shillings.

Police revealed that the boyfriend sent 700,000 shillings as a commitment to the abductors and later reported the case at Lugala Police Station on case file SD REF. 10/09/04/2018.

Kampala metropolitan police said that after a few days of negotiation with the alleged abductors, “Old Kampala Police launched a secret rescue mission only to find Uwase living large and comfortably in a mansion.”

On arrest, the law enforcement agency revealed that she confessed to faking the scam.


“She confessed to her misdeeds because she lacked money for her sibling’s upkeep back home,” reads the statement.

The suspect is charged of giving false information which is a misdemeanour according to the penal code act.

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