Ghost Health Center III Discovered in Kabale

Kabale district leaders were shocked by the discovery of a ghost Health Center III that has been receiving drug allocations from government for the last three years.

Officials found that the drugs meant for Buhara Health Centre III, have over the three years been sent to a non-existent health center with the same name.

Tarsis Byomugabe, The officer-in-charge of Buhara Health Centre III says the facility is run by the Catholic Diocese of Kabale.

He revealed that their drug allocations started reducing in the last quarter of Financial Year 2013/2014 and the situation worsened in 2016.

He says when the problem peaked; they reported the matter to Kabale district health officer, who forwarded the issue to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The ministry later discovered that two NGO run health center IIIs had similar names.

Byomugabe says before 2014, the facility was getting 3.6 million shillings per quarter for primary healthcare drug allocations, which has since dropped to Shs. 830,000 for the October-November-December 2017 quarter.

He also says that for the last six months the facility has not received drugs from Joint Medical Stores (JMS) after JMS indicated that they would not honor their requests for drugs until the issue is resolved.


The facility has since been depending on handouts from other facilities such as Maziba Health Centre IV and Kabale District stores to be able to offer health services to patients.

Immaculate Mandela, the acting Kabale District health officer says the privately owned Buhara Health Centre III is a ghost health center that has been illegally tapping government resource.

Wilson Tibugyenda the Kabale district Chief Administrative Officer Kabale says his office is already investigating this case along with the Resident District Commissioner.

The Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID) at Kabale police was ordered find out the signatories of the ghost health center.

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