Getting Back to Shape: Post Natal Exercises

Every woman’s dream is to get back to shape after giving birth. However it’s advised that you consult your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise to know which one is best for you.

The kind of birth you had matters a lot as C-section mothers have totally different exercises compared to those of normal birth.

And the time frame to start exercising also matters a lot. It’s advisable to start working out six months after delivery.

Here are a number of general exercises that will get you back to shape with less efforts.


Breast feeding is the best natural remedy towards getting back to shape. It will help you cut 400 to 700 calories per day.

Idah Mugerwa, a medical practitioner, notes that it’s advisable that you breast feed for 2 years for the health of both you and your baby.



Ivan Kiwanuka, a gym instructor, notes that swimming is a cardio activity that will not only help you lose weight but also give you a healthy body.

Swimming helps one maintain their weight. So it’s important that you continue with it even after getting the required body size.


Stress is one of the things that make new mothers get out of shape.

Yoga will give you a peace of mind hence healing the stress. In turn, your body will release the tension and leave you happy and rejuvenated.

Yoga is a mind relaxing exercise that involves sitting in a quiet place and meditating.


“Walking is one of the best exercises for general body effect. Every person is advised to walk for at least 30 minutes every day. Walking heats up the body, causing it to sweat hence burning calories. It also helps in the excretion of body waste through sweating,” says Kiwanuka.

Sit up

Jane Kagayi, a mother, notes that sit-ups help her gain her shape very fast. This involves lying down straight on your back, having your legs held by someone and raising the upper part of your body (from the waist upwards) in a repeated manner.

This will help you cut the belly fat and strengthen your arms and legs. Do this twice a day – morning and evening.


She adds that squats are also good especially for belly fat.

It involves standing in an open space, releasing your hands in the air, setting your legs fairly apart and squatting as you stand in a repeated manner.

The pressure exerted on the legs as you squat will make them firm, helping you cut belly fat as well as arm fat. Do this twice a day.


This can be stationary cycling or an actual bicycle. It will help you cut calories as well as make your body muscles firm and in a way fix your body back to shape. You can do this morning and evening.


You can skip your way back to shape. Skipping triggers the body to heat up hence causing the heart to pump more blood. This increases blood supply to the body.

This will help you cut extra calories as well as excrete waste through sweating. You can do this at the comfort of your home in an open space using a strong rope.

Eat healthy

The reason most people grow fat is because of the change in eating habits.

Mugerwa notes that its important you tame the amount of food you eat gradually to get back to your normal size.

On top of this, you should eat a balanced diet which comprises proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fruits, plenty of vegetables and a lot of water – eight glasses a week.

Kiwanuka advises that getting your shape back doesn’t mean you stop working out but continue with your workout routine to maintain how you look. The moment you stop, you will get back to how you were.

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