Geosteady Set To Visit Fiancée Prima’s Parents

Local singer Geosteady is yet to legalize his bonking sessions with longtime lover Prima Ndagire.

The singer announced that he will be visiting Prima’s parents in a bid to legalize his marriage in a traditional ‘Kukyala’ ceremony this year in a video clip posted on his Instagram.

The two have been engaged for close to 8 years and are blessed with a baby girl Soraya Kigozi who was born in February 2015.

Geosteady with Prima and their Daughter

Despite controversies that have been surrounding their relationship, this website has been able to establish that preparations for the ceremony are in high gear.

According to the look of things, it won’t be any surprise if the two love birds tie the knot this year.

The ‘Owooma’ singer and wife are expecting a second child soon.


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