Generals Muhoozi, Saleh, Kayihura Funded Bobi Wine’s MP Campaigns

Singer-turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine sought financial support from UPDF generals, it has emerged.

While consulting for the position of MP Kyaddondo East, Bobi reached out to Generals Salim Saleh, Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Kale Kayihura requesting for money.

He gave the impression that he would work with the NRM government once elected.

At the time, Bobi had tried to woo Dr Kizza Besigye, urging him not to field an FDC candidate in the hotly-contested race.

In several meetings, Besigye told Bobi that his request could only be addressed by the party leadership.

However, FDC refused to endorse Bobi, throwing its weight behind the party’s candidate Apollo Kantinti.

Bobi rode on his music popularity and ghetto roots to win the Kyaddondo East vote.

It has now emerged that when Bobi received a cold shoulder from FDC, he quietly approached Muhoozi, Saleh and Kale for help.


“He promised to work with NRM,” said a source, adding, “He had previously worked with Kayihura in community policing programmes. So, the generals had no reason to doubt him.”

We now understand that substantial amounts of money were channelled to Bobi to facilitate his campaigns.

Our efforts to reach the Kyadondo East MP were futile as his phones were unavailable.

Neither his manager Davie, nor Joel Senyonyi, the People Power spokesman responded to out requests for comments.

The revelations come after Bobi Wine turned down a request for talks with Lt Gen Muhoozi.

Gen Muhoozi, the former commander of the Special Forces Group, recently tweeted his readiness to meet and chat with Bobi.

“A lot of my supporters are telling me to sit down and talk to my brother Bobi Wine. I have no problem talking to him, we talked in the past and were friends. I just advise all the youth never to seek war over peace,” said Gen Muhoozi.

However, the People Power movement’s leader said he was “open to transparent talks with anyone but before that, you and your father should stop actions that have left many orphans, widows and torture victims.”

Bobi emphasised: “Respect human rights and the rule of law. Only free men can negotiate. Remove the boot off my neck and I’ll have a voice to speak with you.”

Muhoozi is yet to respond to this development.

This is not the first time an opposition figure is being accused of picking money from government officials.

Deputy Kampala Lord Mayor Suleiman Kidandala was in 2014 caught on tape recordings asking for money from then IGP Gen Kayihura.

At a media briefing, Kidandala denied the accusations, saying, “I can’t betray the struggle that we have been in as the opposition for a mere Shs 6m; I agree that I met the IGP but never asked him for any money.”

However, Kidandala was heard saying he needed Shs 6m to get rid of poverty.

This latest allegation wouldn’t be the first of its kind against Bobi Wine, as since his rise to prominence, several incidents from his past have come back to haunt him.

The singer is famously remembered to have worked closely with former Inspector General of Police, Gen Edward Kale Kayihura to promote Community Policing, only to denounce him a few years later, celebrating his sacking from the Police in 2018 and the eventual sanctioning by the United States.

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