General Katumba Calls On Procurement Professionals To Protect The Environment

Minister of State for Works and transport Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has called on procurement professionals from both the public and private sectors to mind about environmental protection whenever they are purchasing goods and services.

Speaking as Chief guest at the 4th annual procurement summit organized by the Institute of Procurement Professionals Of Uganda (IPPU) at Imperial Royale Hotel, Katumba told procurement professionals that sustainable development is supported by effective sustainable procurement.

He tasked the procurement officers to embrace Innovation such that waste products are not disposed to the environment but rather recycled.

He also said that as a country, there is need for an elaborate way of disposing e – products.

“It is role of the buyer to procure sustainable solutions. How are we going to manage the e – waste disposal? You are buying phones and computers every other day so where do we dispose all this. I hope they don’t end up in the lakes,” he said.

At the event, Richard Mugambwa, chairman of the national technical committee, Switch Africa Green, who led a delegation from NEMA called on procurement officers to  make it a norm in Uganda that everything purchased, economic, social and environmental aspects are put into consideration.

The summit was organized under the theme “Procurement: Balancing economic, social and environmental considerations”

Some of the government agencies that attended the summit included Bank of Uganda, NWSC, KCCA, NFA, UNRA, URSB, UTB, UMEME, UNEB, MUBS, NARO, NIRA, URA, NMS, NSSF, PPDA, UDB, UNBS, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of finance, MUBS, Parliament of Uganda among others.

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