Gender Minister Asks MPs for More Funding for Disability Persons

Minister of State Gender and Culture, Peace Mutuuzo, has asked Parliament to approve the planned  600% planned budget increase for people with disabilities from Shs 2bn to Shs 12bn.

Speaking during the charity walk event to raise funds towards the establishment of a center for people living with albinism, Mutuuzo said the current budget of Shs2 billion is insufficient and cannot support the 12.8 million PWDs in the country.

“In our framework, we propose that this budget should be increased to Shs12 billion. This money will support the councils for PWDs to be able to register PWDs to enable us effectively and efficiently plan for them,” said Mutuzo.

Mutuzo added that Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development is working with the Ministry of Education and Sports to ensure that special interest and special needs education centers are established in every region to increase access to education for children with disabilities.

“This is what the Ministry of Education is intending to do at least within the next financial year,” said Mutuzo.

Meanwhile the Member of Parliament representing PWDs in the Central Region, Hon. Safia Nalule noted that people living with albinism still face the challenge of access to education and lack of sunscreen among others. She added that people with albinism are prone to trafficking and sacrifice.

The MP has drafted a private member’s bill titled, “The protection of the rights of persons with albinism Bill, 2018”, aimed at establishing a law to protect people living with albinism.

“I request that we scrutinize this Bill and make our contributions before I seek leave of Parliament to allow me introduce this Bill,” said Nalule.


People living with albinism called on the Ministry of Education and Sports to give students with albinism extra time during national examinations.

The Executive Director, Uganda Albino Association, Jude Ssebyanzi said that given their visual inaccuracy, persons living with albinism cannot read as fast as other students.

The Commissioner physical education at the Ministry of Education and Sports, Lamex Omara Apita promised that the Ministry of Education will discuss the issues raised for their attention.


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