Gen. Tumwine: Parliament is Home to Me

The Minister of Security, Gen. Elly Tumwine told fellow legislators on Tuesday that Parliament has become a home to him and that he can even sacrifice his own life to uphold the institution.

Tumwine, who also represents the UPDF in the national assembly, said he is among the longest serving members of the house having been there for the last 33 years.

“Honorable members, I have been here (Parliament) for the last 33 years. This place has become a treasured home to me,” said Tumwine.

Tumwine, now under investigation for allegedly scorning Parliament, stressed that he would be the last person to do something in disrepute of Parliament and he can put his life on the line to uphold the national assembly.

“I, Elly Tumwine cannot do anything contrary to the aspirations of this house. I would be ready to die for (the good of) this house,” added Tumwine.

The comments were triggered by the accusations made by the Bukonjo Wesst MP, Atkins Katushabe, who told the house that Tumwine made derogatory remarks about the house when the former confronted him to intervene and stop the alleged active shoot to kill directive in the restless Kasese district.

The revelation provoked the house resulting to the moving and passing of a resolution for Tumwine to be investigated.

During the debate, Dokolo woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal told the house a story of the 6th Parliament in which Tumwine allegedly pulled a pistol on her face for opposing the spraying of DDT to control malaria.


Minutes later, after visiting the bathroom, Cecilia told the house that the general threatened her in the corridors. Several other MPs testified that they witnessed the moment resulting to commissioning of a second investigation against Tumwine.



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