Gen. Tumwiine “Threatens Cecilia Ogwal’s Life” at Parliament

Parliament plenary session turned tense on Tuesday afternoon when Dokolo Woman representative accused Security Minister, Gen. Elly Tumwiine of gesturing a threat on her life.

Cecilia told the house that Tumwiine, who is also the Security Minister, found her at the lobby and physically pointed fingers straight to her eyes in the presence of other legislators.

“Honorable Speaker and members it is unfortunate that Gen. Elly Tumwiine attacked me when I headed to the washroom. He pointed at my eyes and said he can do anything to me,” said Cecilia.

Several MPs took to the floor testifying that they saw Tumwiine charging at Cecilia and terrifyingly threatening her.

MPs including Hatwib Katoto of Katerera county, Betty Nambooze of Mukono Municipality, Silas Aogon of Kumi Municipality and CD Lowila of Pader district said they witnessed the moment.

The disagreement between Tumwiine, who also represents the army in Parliament, and Cecilia stemmed from an earlier comment made by the latter that during DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) debate in the 6th Parliament, the former pulled a gun on her face.

Tumwiine has already been subjected to the Rules Committee for investigations over arrogance and undermining Parliament and insulting Speaker Rebecca Kadag.

The tense day started with Bukonjo West MP, Katushabe Atkins accusing Tumwiine of facilitating the alleged shoot to kill order in Kasese district.


Katushabe told the house that when he labored to reach Tumwiine on phone, the latter arrogantly told him to report to the “useless” Parliament if he wants.

The revelation provoked the house, resulting to the moving and passing of a resolution for Tumwiine to be investigated by the rules commitee.

Gen Tumwiine while addressing press later said he was ready to defend his comments.

“I am not afraid, I will defend myself anywhere, even in front of God who is watching me right now,” he said.


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