Gen. Tumukunde Warns UPDF on Involvement in Political Affairs

Presidential hopeful, Maj. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has warned individuals in the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) against getting actively engaged in Ugandan politics by publicly sharing their political sentiments.

Such behavior, Tumukunde said threatened national security and the credibility of the national army.

The general’s warning follows a recent viral video in which a senior army officer, one Brig. Deus Sande appeared an NRM party meeting and threatened in his speech that the UPDF would not accept to hand over power to an opposition leader if they won the presidency.

Brig Sande stated that the army was not prepared to hand out power to people who are “ideologically bankrupt.”

The UPDF has since distanced itself from Sande’s comments.

By law, the UPDF is not supposed to infiltrate active politics by taking sides but rather promote and protect the country and all its people.

Speaking today, Gen Tumukunde reminded UPDF officers that they should immediately retire from the force the moment they feeling like joining politics.

“They should also retire and come in real politics because in real sense the army has to protect the interest of all Ugandans not individual person as it is trying to do,” he said.


“When change has come, it will surely come you can do everything but you can’t stop change whose time has arrived. Egypt had a big army and artillery but this did not stop people from chasing away president Mubarak. Don’t push us back to the 1981 period please,” he said.

Tumukunde made these remarks, while receiving a group of youth called the “Virgin Voters”, who came to officially join his Renewed Uganda pressure group and also help him in the campaign ahead of his presidential bid at his offices in Kampala on Friday October 30.

Muyingo Lumala the Chairperson of the virgin voters noted that their decision of joining Tumukunde was influenced by his characters and strategies.

“The rest of the change seeking forces are just dead bodies it is only Gen Tumukunde who has the power of changing this country and that is why we have decided to join him,” he noted.

“We want to assure you that we are genuine voters who shall persuade our fellow virgin voters outside there and the change will soon be a reality after these two months,” he added.

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