Gen Tumukunde to Stand for President

Former Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde is planning to contest for president, Chimp Corps report.

Tumukunde has in recent months been meeting several groups in different parts of Kampala, saying he is consulting before launching a bid for the position of city mayor in the 2021 polls.

This past Thursday, Tumukunde met with boxers in Rubaga division where emphasized the need for “our leaders to empower and support our talented youths in different areas of interest to discover their potential.”

He also has interacted with Muslim groups and women associations.

The General also bolstered his social media presence to mobilize votes among youthful internet users. 

But a close associate of Tumukunde says ever since he was dropped as Security Minister in 2018, he has been disgruntled and quietly planning to stand for president.

“Tumukunde will soon announce his presidential bid,” said a close ally of the former spymaster.

ChimpReports has separately learnt that the Mayoral campaigns are just a cover up for a wider strategy to challenge his former boss President Museveni in the upcoming elections.

This development comes just days after Bobi Wine announced his plans to stand for president in 2021 and also revealed his countrywide coordination team.

The entry of Tumukunde in the presidential race will most likely shock the establishment.

After his rehabilitation after being retired from the army, Tumukunde was appointed special mobilizer for President Museveni.

In some cases, he used a chopper to canvas for votes in the 2016 election campaigns.

And unlike Bobi who has a constituency and Besigye who commands countrywide support, Tumukunde would have to struggle to win the 2021 contest.

However, Tumukunde’s challenge can’t be dismissed as he maintains a vast network of mobilizers and intelligence informers across the country.

Efforts to reach Tumukunde on his known mobile number did not bear fruit.

But Tumukunde’s associates he has already started mobilizing resources and forming a grassroots campaign team for his presidential bid.

A lawyer, Tumukunde, served as the UPDF’s chief of personnel and administration, chief of military intelligence as well as serving as the commanding officer of the UPDF Fourth Division, based in Gulu in the Northern Region of Uganda.

He has also previously served as the director general of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO). Tumukunde was also a Member of Parliament representing the Army in the Parliament of Uganda between 1995 and 2005.

Tumukunde was charged with the offences of abuse of office and spreading harmful propaganda.

On 18 April 2013, the UPDF General Court Martial sat to bring an end to the process that had lasted 8 years and summed up its deliberations.

The charge of spreading harmful propaganda was dropped while the joint charge of military misconduct was upheld and Tumukunde was subsequently sentenced to a severe reprimand.

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