Gen. Tumukunde to Meet Security Agencies after Declaring Presidential Bid

Former spy chief, Gen. Henry Tumukunde, who declared intentions to stand for president on Tuesday March 3, 2020, has gone ahead to pronounce plans to meet security agencies – unquestionably the nucleus of President Museveni’s consolidation of power.

Tumukunde, the former Security Minister indicated that he wants to meet and interact with various groups in the country including security and law enforcement agencies.

“My consultations will extend to security agencies and law enforcement agencies, currently existing political groupings and/or political parties, the rural population especially farmers, urban dwellers,” said Tumukunde.

The over a dozen military guards of the general were withdrawn last week by the UPDF leadership.

The general, known by many as an insider, also wants to meet government civil servants and regulatory institutions.

“My consultations will also extend to the youth entrepreneurs, the elderly, public servants at both national and local government levels, regulatory government institutions, civil society organizations, religious leaders, to mention but a few,” added Tumukunde.

The general concluded that he expects the EC to grant him the green light for consultations and also expects state organs to respect the decision of the electoral body.

“While I expect all the support that EC can offer me and my team to carry out peaceful consultations as a presidential aspirant, I pray that the statutory mandate of the EC shall be respected by other organs of the state and that there will be harmony throughout this important constitutional duty,” he concluded.


E.C Spokesperson, Jotham Taremwa has confirmed that electoral body received notification from Gen. Tumukunde declaring intentions to stand for president in 2021.

“It is true Gen. Henry Tumukunde has notified E.C of his intentions to undertake consultations for purposes of participating in the presidential elections of 2021,” said Taremw.

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