Gen. Tumukunde: Plan to Replace Museveni Underway

Minister of National Security Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde said Thursday that Ugandans “should not fear” that amendment of the presidential age limit implies “life presidency” for President Yoweri Museveni.

The controversial age limit bill, which was passed last week by lawmakers and is, awaiting a presidential signature to become a law; right from the beginning — was seen as a move to aid president Museveni rule for life.

But, according to Gen. Tumukunde, that notion was (and is till) wrong.

Speaking yesterday at a Thanksgiving reception of John and Mary Betubiiza that was held at their home in Rutenga Cell, Nyabikoni ward in Kabale municipality, he said that the NRM party was looking for a successor who would be introduced to the public “very soon”.

When time comes, the retired senior military officer claimed, the party members will be informed.

“But of now”, he went on; President Museveni is still and will be our leader till that person is got.

He also assured the gathering that the person won’t be him (Tumukunde) or anyone in the top party leadership, “but a young person.”

He, however, noted the amendment of the bill was intended to buy them time as they get the “right” person.


Gen Henry Tumukunde argued that rushing the process would plunge the party into major problems, giving an example of what happened in Kenya when President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi stepped down leading to the collapse of Kenya African National Union.

“… as NRM, we don’t want to rush into changing the party leadership … that’s why we recently supported the amendment of the age of the president; so that President Museveni, the NRM president can stand again as we look for his successor … not to be like what happened in Kenya when President Daniel Toroitich  Arap Moi  left Kenya African National Union (KANU) and it’s now no more.”

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