Gen Tumukunde: No Opposition Leader has been Tormented by Museveni Like Me

Independent presidential candidate and the leader of renewed Uganda pressure group; retired Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has claimed that he has suffered more torment from the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni than any other opposition candidate.

“Somebody detains you for one and a half years, he makes you suffer for eight years in Court, wasting money in paying lawyers, wasting time, tormenting you psychologically and after that he tells the public that he got mercy for you,” he said

In 2005, Tumukunde was arrested and detained after he appeared on CBS and Radio One Stations criticizing the way how President Museveni was running the country.

Tumukunde then castigated his Boss for lifting the presidential term limits and denying him chance of retiring from the army.

He was quoted saying, “Obote was a dictator but allowed people to argue their political views and practice their ideologies.”

Tumukunde now says that President Museveni since then made it his mission to make his life harder without even remembering all the sacrifices he (Tumukunde) made in the 1980-86 Bush war that brought Museveni into power,

“We sacrificed a lot. Some of us lost our legs in the liberation struggle of this country, but just remember of recent, when I announced that I will run for Presidency, I was detained for two months, without any reason,” he noted.

President Museveni recently castigated his former bush comrades including; Tumukunde, Rt. Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye for diverting from their core principals and embarking on opposing him.


“If you failed to do what I told you, don’t bring your chaos by asking me to go. It is the voters to decide. But if I go, you are useless when I am here and want me to push you like wheelbarrows. Let me stay since Ugandans still want me. I will go if a useful person comes and I see where I leave Uganda,” Museveni said while meeting Rukungiri NRM leaders recently.

Tumukunde who was meeting his Kampala District Campaign Coordinators at his Office on Saturday this week, however wondered why Museveni could treat his comrades especially him (Tumukunde) like an enemy.

Speaking to his coordinators who included different councilor aspirants and campaigners, Tumukunde advised Ugandans to vote for leaders who will help them cross the bridge other than just excited leaders,

“I am at least sure that Museveni will not get the 50+1 majority vote so the main question now is the alternative

“I hear some leaders talking of plan (B), (Z) I am the only person who has the capability of planning anything and succeed,” he said adding,

“We want to believe in the importance of Democracy not because we are weak, but because I don’t want Uganda to die ibn just small things,”

Beatrice Kiraso, the Renewed Uganda Chief of Staff added her voice by warning Ugandans against voting candidates who will cause more opposition in the country,

“I don’t want you to vote a leader who will fail to control the country and force us to forcefully grab power from him, and you find a lot of opposition within us,” she said.

The Renewed Uganda Coordinators who included; Councilors and campaign agents were flagged off to coordinate support in Kampala which Tumukunde said has an upper say in as far as changing Uganda’s leadership,

“You are the heart of Uganda, your votes are enough to determine the next leader of Uganda,” he said.


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