Gen. Tumukunde Decries Widening Income Inequality at Manifesto Launch

Presidential Candidate Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has expressed the need for eradicating income inequalities through empowering all people irrespective of the region, religion, tribe or education level and ensuring that all Ugandans access education at all levels.

Tumukunde made these remarks while officially launching his Campaign Manifesto at Boma Ground in Fort Portal City Kabarore District, on Tuesday.

“70% Ugandans live in rural areas, 21% Ugandans are not engaged in gainful employment, 9/10 primary students enrolled in primary school do not reaching tertiary education, six million Ugandans are stuck in primary production in low yield subsistence agriculture with 96% of farmers being smallholders owning five acre’s or less,” he noted.

Tumukunde promised to extend solar power to rural areas, fight mortality rate and ensure that the local people benefit from resources in their respective areas among other things.

Tumukunde added that the medium household income in rural areas of about Shs300,000 and Shs700,000 in urban areas is well below the country’s potential and what is acceptable after 34 years of “Steady Progress”

“Electricity connection costs and power bills remains very high for average Ugandans despite significant investment in rural electrification”

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