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Gen Sejusa Residence Swarmed by Armed Military Police

President Museveni has promised to extend electricity to stimulate growth in rural areas as he mobilised support in Mubende District on Saturday.

“Generally, approved the areas that do not have electricity such as Bukuya will be connected. At least there is electricity at the district headquarters; it just has to be taken down to the sub-counties, side effects ” said Museveni.

“When food gets to the mouth, salve the throat cannot complain of no food, because it will reach it,” he added.

Museveni held four rallies across Mubende District, climaxing with a major one in Mubende Municipality.

NRM supporters cheering Museveni during the rally
NRM supporters cheering Museveni during the rally

He said the NRM government will construct a gold smelting and purifying factory in Mubende to add value to raw minerals.

“The people of Mubende will benefit from selling processed and purified gold rather than alluvial gold. This factory will also create jobs for our young people,” added Museveni who was welcomed by thousands of people.

Accompanied by First Lady Janet Museveni, the president also warned against illegal evictions, saying perpetrators will bear consequences.

However, he said government is in the process of pushing for an amended law to protect bonafide land occupants from being removed from their land.


In some instances, said Museveni, landlords will be bought off to protect the vulnerable tenants.

After campaigning in Kiboga, Mityana and Mubende – districts which formed part of the NRA war axis, Museveni will today hold rallies in Gomba.

Museveni was accompanied by Janet during the Mubende tour
Museveni was accompanied by Janet during the Mubende tour
Controversial UPDF General David Sejusa, information pills who recently said in a media interview that he was already mobilising for the toppling of President Yoweri Museveni through a people’s uprising before the 2016 elections, price could be arrested any time from now.

ChimpReports understands that several military police officers on Sunday morning visited Sejusa’s residence in Naguru, a leafy Kampala suburb.

Some of the armed officers arrived in a patrol pickup. At Sejusa’s residence, Chimp Corps say some military officers are inside the compound.

Journalists have been blocked from accessing the posh house.

“The military police has brought food for their colleagues who are inside Sejusa’s residence,” reports Pat Larubi who is at the scene.

He says the gate of the residence remains closed.

“We have been told that Sejusa is not at the house at the moment. We are trying to establish whether he was arrested or left on his own,” said Larubi.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda was not readily available for comment when we uploaded this story.

Sejusa told NBS Television this week that efforts to obtain political reforms in the current governance setup had not borne fruit.

“Museveni can never accept reforms. It’s a waste of time because dictatorships are never reformed; they are dismantled,” said Sejusa.

“How you wage a struggle – political or otherwise, is informed by the type of threat you face. If you are facing a political struggle, you organise politically,” added the former intelligence organs coordinator.

“If you are facing a dictatorship, you organise a resistance.”

Sejusa in 2013 fled to exile after leaking his own intelligence dossier seeking an investigation into reports that army officers and government officials opposed to Museveni’s succession plans were targeted for assassination.

Government dismissed Sejusa’s concerns as “alarmist.”

It is widely understood that Sejusa could be headed for possible interrogation over his claims of planning pre-election violence.

“People will rise up and demand for their rights. And they have already started…the people can go to that State House despite Mr Museveni having those guns. Those guns will do nothing. Nothing. Nothing,” said Sejusa as he shook his head vigorously.

Intelligence sources say the remarks discomforted the military establishment. Sejusa was seen as inciting an insurrection against the president.

In the eyebrow-raising interview, Sejusa added: “What will Museveni do? If 100,000 people come to State House, will he kill them? Will he bring the tanks? If he shoots people with those tanks, he himself will be accountable. You will see what will happen.”

President Museveni recently said any attempts to use protests to seize power will be “smashed completely.”

But Sejusa said, “We will not allow that election to take place…people have ever stopped elections. People stopped Obote. We were supposed to have an election in 1985. They have forgotten. We stopped it- we the people. We were in Luwero by the way. People will stop this election because its meaningless.”

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