Gen Sejusa Now Under House Arrest

The latest on today’s military move against Gen David Sejusa indicates that the former Coordinator of Intelligence has been placed under house-arrest.

This was revealed Friday evening by his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi while appearing on a radio talk show in Kampala.

Sejusa is on the spot for turning down an invite by the Commander in Chief Gen Yoweri Museveni for talks at his country home in Rwakitura.

The General told journalist yesterday that the said invitation by the president was groundless.

“Meeting the president is not like going to a hotel to meet an ordinary person. The reasons for keeping away in exile, either voluntarily or forcefully have to be solved,” he said.

Some of the Military Policemen at Sejusa's Home
Some of the Military Policemen at Sejusa’s Home today

“Having been away for 2 years means am a defector from the army .Now that I defected from the army,  in what capacity am I going to meet the commander in chief? While in exile 3 hit men from government agencies wanted to eliminate me from the streets of London and all those issues have to be solved,” Sejusa stressed.

But it turned out; overlooking the President’s orders could get him answering a number of cases in accordance with the military law.

“The commander in chief has the right to order call and meet any serving officer or other ranks and his refusal would mean disobeying lawful orders, insubordination and undermining authority which are three crimes and charges,” clarified a former bush war commander Col Samson Mande who is in exile.

Heavily armed Military policemen today morning surrounded the General’s premises in Naguru, cutting off all roads leading to the house.

The officers also restricted the media from covering the heavy deployment.

Sources privy to the house arrest confirmed to Chimpreports by the time of this report that the General was still locked up in his house, refuting earlier reports that he was being forcefully dragged for a Military high command meeting summoned by the president in Rwakitura.

Earlier the Army Spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda called for calm, asserting that the deployment was only for Sejusa’s safety.

“Gen Sejusa is safely under the protection of UPDF. He had expressed fears for his life,” he said.

At the talk show, lawyer Rwakafuzi revealed that Sejusa intended to meet Museveni only after he has retired from the army.

“That is when they can discuss issues as citizens, not as army officers where the General takes orders from his Commander in Chief,” revealed Rwakafuzi.

President Museveni is tomorrow Saturday is expected on the Capital Gang, a weekend radio talk show where he could shed light on the developing controversies, with his former blue-eyed spymaster.

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