Gen. Saleh Donates Modern Sewing Machines To 752 Churches In Rwenzori Region

General Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh in his bid to promote entrepreneurship has handed over modern sewing machines to wives of top most clergies in the Rwenzori region.

At the handover ceremony held in Fort portal, General Saleh said that the modern desks will be used to learn and practice the art and science of modern garments to supplement on their incomes.

He also urged the women to employ and transfer the skills they would have acquired to other interested and unemployed women in the region.

Amongst the income generating desks were modern industrial tailoring machines such as sewing and stitching machines, overlooking machines, steaming irons and others that are essential in making standard commercial garments.

The beneficiaries of the modern equipment were selected from 752 churches in the Rwenzori diocese.

General Saleh, also the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation revealed that government is in the process to set up a modern cotton ginnery in Fort portal district.

“We are planning to set up a modern cotton ginnery and spinning plant in the area to take care of all this cotton and spin it into different yarns and fabrics to be used locally and internationally,” General Saleh said.

He added that setting up a modern ginnery will be one of the first steps aimed at streamlining the region into a hub for specialized garment making while taking advantage of the traditional craftsmanship and the plenty of cotton grown in the region.

“All is done in an effort to promote, build and increase employment opportunities in the area using the diocese,” he said.

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