Gen Sabiiti Challenges Universities to Step Up as Uganda Police Forensic Demands Rise

Deputy Inspector General of Police Brig has called on Makerere University and the academic in general in the country to step up efforts in training experts in the field of forensics, to meet the soaring modern day policing demands.

Gen Sabiiti said Monday that Uganda Police as one of the end users of the services of forensic experts, is experiencing a bulge in the demand for higher expertise in this field, as the knowledge and skills among police officers continues to improve.

“End users in the criminal justice system are more aware of the added value of forensic analysis, but they are also increasingly critical,” he said.

“As a consequence, the bar is being raised. End users (such as the Uganda Police Force) are more vocal about what they want. And rightly so. Academia needs to respond to these demands appropriately.”

Gen Sabiiti was speaking at the opening of a three-day symposium on Forensics at Imperial Hotel in Kampala.

The Police Force in the country, according to the Deputy IGP has lately been taking large strides in keeping up with the rapidly changing technologies and innovations in forensics.

For instance, he noted, the force is currently implementing President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to establish an ultramodern forensic facility that will deliver world-class forensic services in the administration of justice.

“Forensic science is a rapidly developing field. With a constant stream of new technologies and scientific developments, there are ever increasing areas of application of forensics in criminal investigations. We can now find trace evidence that would have been invisible, even to experts, a few years ago,” he said.


“Thanks to new investigation methods, this kind of evidence has great value. For example, we can now connect multiple crime scenes to specific evidential material. And soon there will be even more technical possibilities to enable extracting relevant information from smaller and smaller traces. It is crucial that expert analysis is carried out properly and the end user interprets the findings correctly.”

“The expert holds the key to sending an innocent person to prison or release a serial criminal to the streets. The quality of forensic evidence and the integrity and expertise of the people involved are very crucial aspects thus the need to train and retain the best of our scientists who exhibit strong morality, integrity, wisdom and depth in knowledge.”

To this end, Sabiiti said knowledge and expertise must be kept up to standard at all times.

“Only by investing in knowledge and innovation will Academia be able to respond to developments in society and technology, and to continue providing high-quality services and products”

The event, at which Gen Sabiiti represented his boss, IGP Martin Ochola, was organized by Makerere University in collaboration with Uganda Police and Cucurova University in Turkey.



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