Gen Sabiiti Announces New Tactical Strategies To Combat Crime In Kampala 

The Deputy Inspector of Police Major General Sabiiti Muzeeyi has Friday come out and announced new strategies that the Police will follow to counter violent crimes especially in Kampala Metropolitan areas.

The action by General Sabiiti is a response to President Museveni’s directive he made to him this week.

President Museveni told to come up with new plans to wipe out criminal gangs which have started terrorizing locals especially in Kampala and the surrounding areas.

Addressing the press at Police headquarters in Naguru, General Sabiiti flanked by UPDF commander of Land Forces Lt Gen Peter Elwelu and other senior security officials announced a strategic plan which he said will enable reduce crime.

According to General Sabiiti, Kampala Metropolitan has encountered a new wave of violent crimes which have compelled the agency to review its plans in order to devise better counter measures:

He said the five measures include establishing linkages and communication strategies with the public as well as creating public awareness.

General Sabiiti said with better communication strategies, families and homesteads shall be provided with telephone numbers of their nearest police posts and stations in order to report crime in a timely manner.

He encouraged the public to share all relevant information in regard to matters of security including distress calls.


“We shall put suggestion boxes at the stations and LC offices and messages will only be accessed by selected team of people and will be treated with confidentiality,” he said.

He also provided a mobile number 0707-114114 for text messages and WhatsApp which goes directly to the office of deputy commander of Police.

The Police boss said the response team has been enhanced especially in Kampala Metropolitan to serve the public better by dividing Kampala police into policing constituencies.

Still on crime response, General Sabiiti revealed that investigations into criminal gangs have been improved with a smooth cooperation with the judicial sector.

He said weaknesses with the judiciary in handling violent criminals have been ironed out.

“Government is still in discussions with relevant offices and the DPP,” he said.

On repeat offenders, the deputy police chief said a process of profiling such criminals is underway.

He said the manhunt down for these criminals has been activated.

Lastly, the general urged Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to light up the city streets which will enhance security and also encouraged the public to install security lights and other gadgets such as cameras to ensure vigilance.

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